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Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience and the emotional shock can be overwhelming. Here at Shanti Funeral Services we offer you support and guidance throughout your bereavement.

When a death occurs

If a death occurs in hospital, the doctor attending the patient would issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The hospital will inform you of where and when the certificate will be made available for collection.

On the occasion that the doctor is unable to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death the Coroner will be informed. The Coroner will investigate the death and come to a decision on whether a post-mortem will need to take place or allow the doctor to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. In the event that an inquest is required the Coroner will issue appropriate certificates for burial or cremation enabling the funeral to proceed.

Registering a death

A death must be registered at the register office in the county in which it has occurred. This can be done by close relative of the deceased, relative in attendance during last illness, a relative living in the district where death occurred, a person present at death or the person causing the disposal.

The Registrar will require the following information:

The Registrar will issue two certificates. A green certificate, which should be handed to ourselves as soon as possible and a white certificate of registration which will cancel any social security benefits and also the state pension.